Check out this beautiful wedding from June 2017!

These one-minute snippets are designed for social media and are delivered a week after the wedding! We deliver them in both wide and square screen format. Additionally, we offer three different variations:
WeddingGram (Standard):
A one-minute highlight of the entire day!
“I Do” WeddingGram:
A one-minute montage of the ceremony!
“The Bliss” Remixed:
A one-minute version of our “The Bliss” video which highlights your reception!  

You can see WeddingGram samples on our Instagram @EAVWeddings

This traditional cinematic highlight film captures the best moments of the wedding day. Composed in a three-act structure, this edit takes you back to the best moments of your wedding; from the prep to the ceremony, from the reception to the first dance and more!  Whether you want a cinematic style edit with a romantic musical score, a personalized edit with audio straight from the vows, or a mix of both, this short film will take your heart back to the day you said, “I Do”.

Haley + Tanner Willey Highlight

You can view more samples on our Highlights Reel page.

Wedding Film
This film is crafted as an old fashioned wedding videotape, which features the raw moments of laughter, excitement, wonder, and good times. This edit features the best raw footage compiled into a 40+ minute documentary style film, with jump cuts, audio straight from the cameras. This is your wedding story! This 60+ minute wedding film is perfect for that Saturday night months/years down the line when you and your spouse want to relive your wedding day.

The Wedding Film is divided into 3 parts:

“The Anticipation” –
 A behind the scenes focus on getting ready! The prelude to the alter can be filled with fun, sweet, and tender moments with family and friends as you prepare to say I do! We find a moment to grab a special message from the bride and groom for each other. 

“The Promise” The moment you prepared for, both during rehearsals and in your heart, has finally arrived! The ceremony is captured with multiple camera angles so no moment is missed.  
“The Bliss” – Revisit the party of a lifetime! Features all the key moments of the reception, from the entrance, the first dance, the toasts, and any special surprise you might have in store!

Here are samples of “The Bliss” portion of the Wedding Film:

“StarFlower” Memory Video – 1st Dance

“StarFlower” Memory Video – Ending

If there is only one specific portion of the Wedding Film that you want, we can definitely accommodate for you! Some couples want the Highlight and The Bliss, others want both or just Highlight, whatever you are looking for, we can create a package just for you!

Go to our Contact Us page to let us know what you’re looking for!

There are 3 parts of everyone’s love story that are the most memorable: How you met, when you know that person is the one, and of course, the day the two become one on their wedding day.

How will you propose? Will you find a special place? Use a special memento?  Maybe try to go viral with a flash mob? Let us help you capture that moment! Proposals are exciting and we get excited in the planning and the execution. These are special projects that are done at separate and very negotiable rates. Contact us!


Three years ago, a good friend of mine asked me if I could create her wedding video. As an aspiring storyteller, I figured I would give it a shot. It never dawned on me that wedding days tell a story; a story of two people, crazy in love with each other, joining together and becoming one. It is a celebration of love; we see love in all its forms: as an emotion, as a verb, as a choice.

This was a solo shoot, with just my Canon T4i armed with a Canon 35mm f/2, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and an old tripod, I discovered both the joy and rush of capturing a wedding memory. It was a mostly handheld shoot and it set the foundation to how I wanted to approach wedding videos. It sparked my own pursuit in capturing the stories of love.

This wedding video is special to me not only because it was my first one, but because I witnessed my good friend marry her love. These two are perfect for each other!